San Francisco Farmers Market

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San Francisco has a fabulous Farmers Market right down in Civic Center Area. Great prices and fun activites. Organic vegetables from local farmers. The open air market is held every Wednesday and Sunday from 6 AM to 3 PM.

Great prices and lots of organic vegetables.

OPEN WATER swimming…But WHY??

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For many years I have been an active member of the South End Rowing Club in San Francisco. I share my passion for OPEN WATER swimming with a very diverse group of cold water enthusiasts from all over the world. Here is an article written by Dave Ford in 2003 on Bay Swimming interviewing many of the South End Rowing Club members.

SF Chronicle article on the “Daily Plunge” from July 11, 2003
Although my name was misspelled (from Carlson to “Carson”) the article captures the spirit of the swimmers.

Market Meltdown- The Winners and the Losers!

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US Real Housing PricesWe are all challenged with the current market swings. It feels like we are on a rollercoaster ride and we are helpless to do anything but HANG ON. But for many long term homeowners, the paper loses on the market fluctuations may have little or no effect…And here is why:

Real Estate always follows trends and market cycles. Market corrections are inevitable. We have been on an upswing market trend in San Francisco since 1999. The good news is that after the market corrects itself, the 50 year market performance statistics reveal that the market eventually recovers and, in time, the prices go even higher than the last high. In real estate, timing is everything. The object is to be ahead of the herd…to anticipate market swings. The big question now is HOW MUCH TIME will it take before the recovery begins.

FOR FIRST TIME BUYERS: The reduced prices and some foreclosure bargains allow for many FIRST TIME BUYERS to afford home ownership.

FOR SELLERS: For sellers trading up, what sellers lose based on previous values, they will pick up on the now lower values if they purchase an equal or greater priced home.

SHORT TERM SELLERS take the hit: The people who get hurt in market swings are the short term buyers and sellers. If you are a recent home purchaser and if you are forced to sell because of financial needs, a job transfer to another area and you do NOT replace this property with another property in the area, then you may suffer financially from the downturn.

Some of you remember, as I do, the real estate market in 1980 when interest rates peaked at over 18% interest on FHA 30 year Loans. There was recession then and a recovery period followed. During the market swings in the 1980s, there was another price correction followed by recovery. In the 1990’s we had the DOT COM boom, then another market correction, followed by recovery.

The TRUTH about real estate markets is this:

There is ALWAYS a market…good or bad.

There are ALWAYS buyers and sellers.

Any given market is determined by an offer from a willing buyer and acceptance from a willing seller.

Buying opportunities occur when there is less competition and increased inventory.

And such is our present market.

Tom Carlson…. Real Estate since 1980

San Francisco Fleet Week and the Anita Rock Swim

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The San Francisco Fleet Week was celebrated…

South End Alcatraz Invitational 2008, San Francisco

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Our yearly South End Alcatraz Invitational open water swim was another great success this year. Over 500 cold and frosty OPEN WATER swimmers signed up for this annual event. If you participated in this event or, if you are just curious about the swim, check out the link to the U Tube videos below:

Part Two

Part One

Want more South End videos? Check out more information on San Francisco Bay open water swimming.

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